Cam Cover Decal

Cam Cover Decal

$3.00 USD - $5.00 USD

The sticker right on the front of your 4AGE engine letting you know what's inside.

4age, 7age, and 7ac available!!

These are sized to fit in the factory relief area on the cam gear cover, or you can use it however you see fit, I don't care it's your sticker!!

OEM style fits perfectly for restoration builds!!

Cam Cover Decal Image 2 Cam Cover Decal Image 3
4AGE Fun 6x2
$6.00 USD
Enjoy the Road 3x3"
$5.00 USD — Sold out
Never Let Up 6x2
$6.00 USD
$6.00 USD - $7.00 USD
Roll w/punches
$7.00 USD — Sold out
FA20!! Oil Slick
$4.00 USD — On sale
HOLD!! 2.0 8x2
$6.00 USD — Sold out
Minihold 2" x 0.5"
$2.00 USD
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