Keep Rollas Fun!!

Keep Rollas Fun!!

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The AE86 is a favorite among many enthusiasts.

However, people can get so wrapped up in what defines a "correct" build and doing things "right", that some of them fail to even get started!! So with this tee, we shout it from the hilltops: KEEP ROLLAS FUN!!

The back features an outline of an AE86 that challenges the status quo atop 80's TRD Racing Team inspired colors, and our Stay Grounded™ logo in matching hues. The front tells you what the deal is, and the left sleeve naturally has our main Exclaim logo for those peeping through your window ( >.>)

The shirt is a Hanes 50/50 cotton and polyester (5% of that poly is recycled from plastic bottles), for an unmatched level of comfort. So comfortable that you'll forget that you're wearing a shirt!!

Corolla artwork by IG @theastrodeltasequence

Keep Rollas Fun!!  Image 2 Keep Rollas Fun!!  Image 3
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