AE86 Rear Seat Pull Knob

AE86 Rear Seat Pull Knob

$8.00 USD - $12.00 USD

Corolla guys you know what this is! Or maybe you don't, since the factory ones are always broken.

A 3D Printed replacement for your knob is here!

This knob is also reshaped to give a more ergonomic and secure feeling, which allows for less chance of breakage when in use.

I have had a pair installed on my own personal 86 for quite some time now with no problems whatsoever. The car is parked in raw sunlight all day, and is exposed to temperatures 100+ degree temperature during the hot months, so you can be confident in your knob.

AE86 Seat Pull Knob Bezel
$10.00 USD - $16.00 USD
AE86 Gauge Pod
$20.00 USD
$10.00 USD
AE86 Power Mirror Switch Blank
$12.00 USD - $15.00 USD
Toyota Extra Slot Cover
$7.00 USD - $9.00 USD
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