$10.00 USD

We have a lot of keys. You have a lot of keys too.

Introducing, the KeyHOLD!!

4 deeply recessed slots to securely hold multiple keyrings or carabineers with ease. They slide right in and slide right out.

Specifically designed to fit a standard tack/pin, included with purchase. Or feel free to use a screw to mount of you're mounting on a wooden or metal wall.

*This is a FDM 3D printed part, layer lines will be visible

AE86 Seat Pull Knob Bezel
$10.00 USD - $16.00 USD
AE86 Rear Seat Pull Knob
$8.00 USD - $12.00 USD
AE86 Gauge Pod
$20.00 USD
AE86 Power Mirror Switch Blank
$12.00 USD - $15.00 USD
Toyota Extra Slot Cover
$7.00 USD - $9.00 USD
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